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Our focus is on providing location-based businesses with an easy and effective way to create and control whatever vibe they want to convey within their space.

Learn what Vibenomics can do for you.


Transform your space

Vibenomics is an innovative technology platform that lets you control your background music and create customized messages in real-time.

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Vibe On

Create a Vibe

Vibe On is a custom business radio channel that instantly creates the opportunity for a new revenue stream through the Vibe On Network.

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On-Hold Music

Bridge the Gap

When a customer calls your business, the music and messaging they hear while on-hold should match the vibe you’ve created for inside your space.

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Digital Display

Strengthen your message

While audio marketing is becoming increasingly recognized for its effectiveness, supplementing it with digital displays only strengthens your message.

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Choose your industry:

Grocery Stores

Wish you could let your shoppers know about flash sales same-day? This is just one of the many revenue opportunities Vibenomics can provide your store.

Advertise products as customers pass them on the shelves with custom, professionally recorded announcements created the same day you request them with Vibenomics app. Combine this with the perfect music playlists crafted by our professional music curators leveraging fully-licensed background music. With Vibe On, generate revenue by joining the Vibe On Network. We’ll do the work for you and find companies that either want to advertise in your extra “air time” or want you to advertise in theirs.


Engage your gym members with more than treadmills and weights. Utilize our products to create revenue opportunities and innovative customer experiences that will set your gym apart from the rest.

Use the Vibenomics app to keep guests motivated with energizing playlists and informed about upcoming classes and events with custom, professionally-recorded announcements with same day turnaround. Create an extra revenue stream with the Vibe On Network. We’ll find companies looking to advertise in your space or expand your business by finding spaces for you to advertise in.

Car Dealerships

Purchasing a car is an important decision, so why not make it an easy one with the help of Vibenomics? 

Use our app to create announcements about deals while shoppers are walking the lot and pair it with a stress-free, playlist crafted by our team of professional music curators leveraging fully-licensed background music.  Take advantage of extra “air time” and join the Vibe On Network. We’ll find companies that are looking for others to use their space for advertising in order for you to reach your audience effectively. 


Make your space as delicious as your food with playlists that fit any kind of vibe. Vibenomics can help you create the perfectly curated restaurant experience foodies crave no matter what time of day or location. 

Or break into new spaces and bring in new customers by using the Vibe On Network to advertise your restaurant. We’ll do the work and find companies looking to fill some of their extra “air time” or you can let us find companies to advertise in your space. Every advertising dollar spent in your location is money in your pocket!

Waiting Rooms

Don’t let the waiting room experience be a bad one. Transform your space and create the right vibe with Vibenomics.

Let people enjoy the wait with the hand-crafted playlists from our team of professional music curators leveraging an immense library of fully-licensed background music, or share interesting announcements about upcoming events and specials. If you’re looking to grow, join the Vibe On Network and we’ll start looking for companies who want you to advertise in their space or vice versa if you’re looking to generate more revenue in an innovative way.

Liquor Stores

Utilize Vibenomics to make your store the one-stop-shop for everyone’s next party all while creating new revenue opportunities for yourself.

Take advantage of the Vibe On Network to allow other companies, like that new brewery down the street, to advertise in-between your custom music playlists and event announcements created from the Vibenomics app.


Create the perfect shopping atmosphere for your customers with the Vibenomics app and the Vibe On Network.

Don’t let shoppers miss out on that once-in-lifetime, flash sale with custom, professionally recorded announcements requested through our app. By joining the Vibe On Network, we’ll find companies who want you to advertise in their space or if you’re interested in some extra revenue, we’ll make your store a space for others on the Network to advertise in.

Large Scale Workplaces

Keep your employees happy, informed and safe with Vibenomics

Through our app, avoid miscommunication and accidents by keeping your employees informed on safety instructions all while creating a motivated environment with an upbeat playlist built by our professional music curators from an extensive library of fully-licensed background music. Give your employees the safe and enjoyable workplace they deserve.

Convenience Stores

Keep the vibe at all your locations consistent and profitable with the power of Vibenomics.

Create high-quality announcements with our app that will make it easy for you to engage customers with rewards programs and promotions. Generate extra revenue by joining the Vibe On Network, allowing others to advertise in your space in between your space’s custom announcements and playlists curated by our professional music curators leveraging our extensive library of fully-licensed background music. These are just some of the opportunities Vibenomics can offer your store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I manage my Vibenomics account?

    As an online platform, Vibenomics is incredibly easy-to-manage. With the click of a mouse, users can create music playlists and request audio announcements. The platform also allows for the assignment of various levels of user controls and the scheduling of music and announcements.

  • How do I request new announcements, and how long does it take to receive a recording?

    Announcement requests are as simple as submitting a few bullet points. Users are certainly able to write exact scripts, but our professional voice artists have years of experience crafting engaging audio messages. After noting the topic of the announcement, users can choose the type of DJ (ex. high-energy, corporate, male, female) to voice the announcement. Within hours of submitting an announcement request, a recording will be uploaded into the user’s account for approval.

  • Is there a limit to the number of announcements I can request in a month?

    No – our users enjoy unlimited announcements. Say whatever you’d like to your customers, as often as you’d like.

  • Who records the announcements?

    Announcements are recorded by our network of professional voice talent. Vibenomics users choose the type of voice artist they’d like (ex. male or female, high-energy or corporate) and receive a custom recorded announcement within hours.

  • What type of music does Vibenomics offer?

    Vibenomics has access to any fully-licensed song and works with businesses to create music playlists appropriate for any type of atmosphere.

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