Music & On-Demand Announcements

Vibenomics is an innovative technology platform that lets you control your background music and create customized messages in real-time.

We offer access to fully-licensed music and work with a network of professional voice talent to bring your marketing messages to life within your space.

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Licensed music
Custom playlists that fit your brand.
On demand announcements
Professional voice talent delivers in hours, not days.
Quick & easy app
Online control for all of your locations.
Large Scale Workplaces

Music is an excellent way to create an upbeat, energetic atmosphere in your large-scale workplace. Unfortunately, headphones leave employees unaware, and can cause miscommunications or even accidents. Vibenomics allows you or your team to build custom playlists from a huge, fully-licensed musical library, using your existing speaker system to provide entertainment without the risk of headphones. Better still, the same app allows you to request and receive professionally recorded announcements the same day you request them.

  • Let employees enjoy upbeat, energizing music by building a custom playlist in Vibenomics’ fully-licensed audio library. Plus, overhead music avoids the miscommunications often caused by headphones and earbuds.
  • Announcements, requests, and safety instructions can be broadcast on-demand, and custom audio clips can be created in less than 24 hours using a convenient app.
  • Playlists are programmable, so it is easy to customize the music and announcements for different shifts, locations, or dates.

Happy employees are motivated employees, and informed employees are safe employees. Vibenomics helps ensure that your employees are happy and safe with customizable playlists and on-demand announcement recordings. Add some music to your large-scale workplace today.

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