Music & On-Demand Announcements for your Gym.

Vibenomics is an innovative technology platform that lets you control your background music and create customized messages in real-time.

We offer access to fully-licensed music and work with a network of professional voice talent to bring your marketing messages to life within your space.

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Licensed Music
Custom playlists that fit your brand.
On-Demand Announcements
Professional voice talent delivers in hours, not days.
Quick & Easy App
Online control for all of your locations.

Engage your gym members with more than treadmills and weights. Vibenomics gives you access to a fully-licensed library of music and an easy to use app that allows you to submit and receive customized, professionally recorded announcements the same day you request them.

  • Raise awareness about upcoming classes, events and promotions.

  • Ensure your gym has a welcoming and friendly environment at all hours.

  • Remind guests of gym etiquette, and inspire them with motivational quotes.

Keep your guests’ blood pumping between announcements with a custom music playlist.

Anytime Fitness

Upcoming Classes

Village Fitness

Gym Etiquette

Gold's Gym

Kid's Club

Vibenomics has been a true marketing partner for our gym. Our Experience Manager consistently provides me with ideas to advertise our programs and increase member revenue.
Dave Sue, Anytime Fitness

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