In today’s world, businesses have more ways to reach customers and potential customers than ever before. Digital avenues like social media and email marketing mean brands can reach customers anywhere. Add to those the more traditional methods like direct mail and personalized offers and the possibilities are endless.

However, it’s important to have both cohesive and consistent marketing messages across each of those channels. The more channels a business engages in, the more potential for customer engagement. The problematic side of that is the more channels used, the greater the chances for inconsistencies in offers, messaging, or even visuals, which in turn creates a disjointed view of the overall brand that does more harm than good.

Marketing within large organizations is complicated as is. But, for franchises or independent chains, that problem can become even more challenging. With that, the larger the company and franchise network or independent chain, the larger those problems can be. Messaging for each location must be personalized to that geographical area without compromising the integrity of the central brand. However, most franchise locations rarely have the resources of a marketing ‘team’ to create and implement successful marketing strategies.

So, how can a parent company ensure consistent marketing across its various locations? This can be a difficult, yet business-imperative challenge for management to solve.

One way is through the use of in-store audio. Independent chains and franchises are most likely already playing music in their stores. Implementing in-store audio can ensure a centralized brand message and control. Here are 3 ways how:

  1. Streamline Voice and Tone

Creating a consistent customer experience across all franchises is absolutely critical. Customers expect to walk into a store in Alabama and have the same quality in their experience when they walk into another location in Illinois. As part of that, consider what is playing through the speakers of the store. Announcements over those speakers should carry a consistent marketing tone and voice. That doesn’t necessarily mean the same actual voice, but it does mean the tone and brand content should remain the same.

In-store announcements should take the same tone as the rest of the website, larger brand, and other communication channels (like social media, radio, or online ads). Customers should be able to recognize the tone of announcements across every franchise or independent location. Whether it’s fun and upbeat or more serious, consistency in this area is key. The central brand should be the one to create these parameters so that one location doesn’t end up with a loud, laughing announcement tone while others have a quieter, more low key version.

Part of the beauty of an enterprise is the understanding and ability to customize products and marketing for a specific location’s needs. A retail franchise in Florida likely wouldn’t have the same success marketing ski wear as one in Colorado. But more than that, the demographics of each location should be catered to as well. By providing an outline for the necessary tone and voice for these promotional announcements, franchises or independent chains have the freedom and flexibility to customize based on their specific market, yet still maintain consistent brand control.

  1. Keep the Music Playlist Consistent

Even from state-to-state or country-to-country, the target demographic of a brand is likely very similar. It is also likely that the target customer for that specific store has a targeted style of music they prefer. As such, having a uniform playlist from franchise to franchise or location to location will reinforce that brand consistency, no matter where the store is located.

Consider that 67% of shoppers who recall hearing music during their most recent shopping trip identified the music as being programmed specifically for the retail location as opposed to the shop simply blaring a local radio station. Brands spend a large sum of money on maintaining a specific look and feel for the decor of a franchise. The same should be true in terms of what comes out of the speakers.

  1. Use a Centralized Resource to Customize Audio Announcements and Playlists

The best way to ensure centralized brand control is to make it easy. By keeping announcement outlines or playlists in a centralized location, franchises or independent chains have easy and quick access to effective audio marketing tools without having to spend time hoping that it’s on-brand. This allows the overarching brand guidelines to be followed, but with the freedom to personalize when necessary.

Across each franchise, the brick-and-mortar experience should remain streamlined and seamless from the color of the walls to the music playing from the speakers. Audio is as much a part of that uniformed experience as anything else.

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